($3 Free Cash) SOCASH Referral Code

Hey, Iโ€™m giving you $3 to sign up with SOCASH. Skip the ATM queue and withdraw cash at shops for free. You’ll also get deals from brands like Grab, FairPrice, Agoda, and more. Here’s my sign up code SUN1079 or you can use this referral link (accessible via mobile device only)

What is SOCASH?

SOCASH is a digital cash displacement platform that introduces a new and easier way to withdraw cash in these modern times. Instead of looking for an ATM, now you can visit any nearby businesses that have been transformed into a โ€˜cashpointโ€™ to access your money and save time by skipping the long ATMs queue.

How Does SOCASH Work?

SOCASH is transformed shops and stores near you into โ€˜cashpointsโ€™, which provides banking services just like a normal ATM, but in a more convenient way. If you want to withdraw cash, you only need to enter the required amount in the SOCASH app and you will receive a QR code. Then, all you have to do is go to the nearest cashpoint, scan the QR code at the cashier, and they will give you your money. Thatโ€™s all thereโ€™s to it. No fuss, no card needed, and is totally secure.

My opinion about SOCASH

SOCASH may not be the most convenient cash withdrawal and it has a long way to go in Singapore. I personally hope they come out with more promotion and more mini ATMs to get more people onboard. Most retailers these days also accept a wide range of electronic payment methods. I wonder how far will this SOCASH go? For now, just sign up using my SUN1079 or you can use this referral link (accessible via mobile device only) to get the free $3 cash! Mai tu liao! ๐Ÿ™‚

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