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Step 1: Download Trust Bank App [Google Play] [App Store]
Step 2: Input referral code 30D03D32 < This step will earn your 1st $10 NTUC Voucher
Step 3: Select Trust Bank Saving Account. This account will give you a virtual debit card. Useful if you do not have the min income of $30K per annum
Step 4: Sign up using SingPass. Most preferred for instant approval.
Step 5: Once approved. Go to your preferred local bank and perform FAST transfer $1 to your trust bank account
Step 6: Add your Trust Bank Debit Card to Grab Pay. By doing so, Grab will attempt to deduct $1 and refund back to you instantly. < This step will be considered as your 1st transaction and you will earn your 2nd $25 NTUC Voucher
Step 7: To get back your $1, just simply transfer out using Paynow to your preferred local bank.

Important information

You must manually enter the referral code and cannot copy & paste. When I tried to do copy & paste, the app went unstable, and I had to quit it to resume the sign-up procedure.

What is Trust Bank?

Trust Bank is the newest digital bank backed by a unique partnership between Standard Chartered Bank, and FairPrice Group.

Digital banks (also known as virtual banks) offer the services expected of traditional banks as the banks do not have physical branches.

Trust Bank is 60% owned by Standard Chartered and 40% by NTUC’s corporate arm, it received a full banking license in December 2020. Bank shareholders (Standard Chartered Bank, FairPrice Group and NTUC Enterprise) invested about $400 million.

Trust Bank had been integrated with FairPrice Group ecosystem, delivering best-in-class rewards for promotional adoption of up to 21% of daily spend across FairPrice Group touchpoints across NTUC FairPrice, Kopitiam, Cheers, and Unity.

Trust Saving Account Key Features

Trust Bank was designed specifically for Singapore users where it was designed based on intensive feedback received throughout its user testing period. This user-centric approach is at the guts of Trust’s culture and is made possible using the best-in-class technology to deliver an excellent user experience.

Banking with Trust Bank is completed through the app only, that – combined with its progressive technology platform – creates a secure platform. You will be able to transact 24/7 with Trust Bank firmly through the in-app client service voice and messaging.

Trust Bank had brought numerous marketplace-first improvements to Singapore. The Trust credit card is a numberless card. It allows you to decide your repayment date and removes many conventional credit card fees. The Trust card is likewise the novel card to provide dual use within a single card – credit and debit card features, putting off the need for customers to hold more than one cards.

Trust Credit Card Key Features

Get 27% discount when you pump petrol at Caltex Singapore

Trust Bank had sent customers Caltex Fuel e-coupons of 4 x S$6. The E-Coupons is valid for 3 months and valid for a minimum fuel consumption of $60. Final amount would be $43.80, a total of 27% discount! Remember to bring your Trust Bank card during your visit to Caltex else you will not be eligible for the 27% discount.

Frequently asked questions

Will my money disappear? Is Trust safe to use?

Singapore’s Monetary Authority supervises and regulates Trust. Savings Account by Trust deposits are protected under the Deposit Insurance Scheme managed by Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

Trust allows foreigners to open accounts?

The following documents will need to be provided by foreigners residing in Singapore:

  • You will need to upload your passport and income documents in order to apply for a credit card.
  • You will need to upload a copy of your passport details to apply for a savings account.

Is it possible to withdraw money from an ATM?

Fairprice Vivocity currently has an ATM for Trust Bank. The Standard Chartered ATM network in Singapore also allows Trust customers to be used.

What is the minimum age to apply for a savings account by Trust?


What is the procedure for depositing money into Trust savings account?

  • FAST
  • Paynow
  • Standing instructions

Is it possible to open a joint savings account?

Not possible yet but I believe they will do so in near future.

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Free $35 NTUC vouchers (no min spend) in 5 mins.
Trust Bank Referral Code : 30D03D32
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